Mesoscopic Structures: Fundamentals and Applications

IV International Conference

5-13 July, 2017

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Call for papers

Accepted reports will be published in the conference proceedings before it started. It is assumed two types of materials: abstracts and articles. Abstracts volume: one page. Article volume: no more than four pages.

The text should be written in a single column in MS Word, font: Times New Roman 12 pt, single-spaced. Title – Times New Roman 24 pt. For simple formulas in the text the use Symbol layout is recommended. Separate formula should be written in the formula editor MathType with the following sizes in the menu Size of the Formula Editor: Full – 12 pt, Subscript/Superscript – 10 pt, Sub-Subscript/Superscript – 8 pt, Symbol – 14 pt, Sub-symbol – 10 pt.

Sample preparation for English-language articles - Sample.doc.

Abstracts and papers should be sent to electronic address