Mesoscopic Structures: Fundamentals and Applications – MSFA 2015
III International Conference

22-27 June 2015, Novosibirsk, Russia

Visa Procedures

The information for foreigners

A foreigner travelling to Russia should have a valid passport (expire date should be not earlier than 6 months after the date of visitor's departure from Russia) and a valid visa. To get a visa, a visitor has to fill in the visa form. This form, as well as a copy of the first page of a passport should be sent by email to  and copy to before 1 April 2015.

After that each participant (and accompanying person) who needs a visa will timely get an invitation letter. This letter should be submitted to Russian Consulate to which he/she is going to apply for visa. We strongly recommend to submit these data to Organizing Committee as soon as possible. Please, follow these recommendations and apply for a visa shortly after receiving an original copy of the invitation to ensure that the visa is issued timely.

Please be informed that after we receive your filled in visa form it takes approximately a month before you get the invitation letter.

Download Visa Form